Lakeland, Arlington share candidates for school superintendent

By Carolyn Bahm
Express Editor

Bartlett Express logoLakeland and Arlington school boards separately interviewed the same four candidates for superintendent on Jan. 20. Although the leading candidate was not yet chosen at press time on Monday, one or more job offers may soon be on the table. The boards planned to meet separately Monday afternoon to compare notes and choose one or more top candidates.

The two new school districts used the same search firm to identify promising candidates, and they hope to hire one superintendent to oversee both districts, said Dale Viox, chairman of the Arlington Community School Board. The districts would remain distinct but use the superintendent as a shared resource.

“We hope we can agree on one candidate, but if not we won’t miss a beat,” he said.

Candidates are:

  • Dr. Lee-Ann Chism Kight; click to see her résumé
  • Dr. Allison Clark; click to see her résumé
  • Dr. William Edward (“Ted”) Horrell; click to see his résumé
  • Ms. Tammy Mason; click to see her résumé



See their résumés online this week at