Bolton given award for positive efforts

STAFF REPORTS Bolton High School has been awarded the A.F. Bridges Divisional Award, which is given to schools that have had no reported unsportsmanlike conduct incidents during the previous school year and have displayed an overall positive effort to teach, expect and demand a positive atmosphere of sportsmanship at their particular contests. Schools that receive the award were nominated by local officials associations, other member schools, and the Tennessee Observers Program for Sports. Of the 27 divisional recipients, one school in each class will receive Tennessee's top award for overall outstanding effort in its division. One of the three schools in each classification will be presented the A.F. Bridges State Award of Excellence shortly after the divisional awards are handed out. This is the highest award that can be bestowed upon a school to honor its overall efforts to promote citizenship and sportsmanship at school, and at athletic contests. The A.F. Bridges Award is given in honor of the TSSAA's first executive secretary. He served as executive secretary from 1946 until his retirement in 1972.