Woman jailed from trying to buy Xanax from cop

An Arlington woman may have learned a lesson in being careful whom she texts when trying to buy a controlled substance illegally. BE logo square

Karly Bradley, 24, was held in the Bartlett jail on $5,000 bond after an appearance Friday in Bartlett Municipal Court before Judge Tracey Malone.

Bradley sent a text message during the evening of June 11 to Bartlett Police Lt. Chris Golden in search of three Xanax bars. She sent the text to him as part of a mass text message asking her contacts, “U got stix?”

According to charging documents, Lt. Golden, who had met Bradley in March while trying to serve a warrant in Cordova, recognized the text as language for a street term for Xanax bars. They exchanged several text messages and finally agreed to meet at the Kroger on Highway 70 to exchange 10 of the Xanax for $50 plus several Suboxone.

Suboxone, also a controlled substance, is a prescription medication used to curb addictions to narcotics. Bradley said she had the Suboxone because she is trying to kick a heroine addiction.

Police said Bradley arrived at 3 p.m. June 12 at the Kroger in her 1997 Ford Explorer with a box of Suboxone sitting near the center console. Lt. Golden said he had recognized the vehicle as the one she had been driving when they first met in March.

Officers stopped Bradley and searched the vehicle. In addition to the Suboxone, they found a used syringe in her SUV, according to the charging documents.

Bradley was taken to the Bartlett Police Department where she waived Miranda Rights, police said.

During her interview, Bradley admitted that she had texted Lt. Golden mistakenly because she thought his number belonged to “an old dope boy named G.” She also said that she needed the Xanax, which is prescribed commonly for anxiety, because she’d recently been watching a relative’s infant child and needed it to calm her nerves.

In addition to the drug-related charges, Bartlett police also discovered that Bradley had an open warrant in Germantown for failing to appear in court there on an unrelated charge. She remains incarcerated awaiting the actions of the Shelby County grand jury.