Code Orange ozone advisory issued for Shelby County, region

logo-2013_ozone_action_daysThe Shelby County Health Department has issued a Code Orange Ozone Forecast for Saturday, May 25, for the Memphis Metropolitan Area, which includes Shelby County; Crittenden County, Ark.; and DeSoto County, Miss.

A code orange advisory indicates ozone levels are forecast to exceed the eight-hour National Ambient Air Quality Standards. Under existing guidelines, ozone levels are expected to reach the classification of “Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups during the code orange event.

The forecast for tomorrow is expected as a result of stagnant conditions, increased temperatures and decreased winds.

Tips to help reduce ozone include refueling cars and mowers only after 7 p.m.; carpooling and combining daily errands; and driving less during peak hours or on hot days.

To help reduce ozone production further, the MATA buses and trolleys will offer 25-cent rides Saturday. For details, call 274-MATA (6282), or visit

The health department has issued this advisory in cooperation with the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality, the Arkansas Department of Health and the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality.