Bank of Bartlett goes mobile


Bank of Bartlett has launched its Mobile Banking service, giving customers an easy and secure way to access basic financial services from their mobile devices.


Bank of Bartlett’s Mobile Banking service joins leading banks across the country that are rolling out mobile banking solutions for their customers, including checking account balances and recent account history, transferring funds and paying bills.


“Mobile Banking is a popular trend among consumers allowing for quick and easy access to their bank accounts even when they are miles away from a bank branch or their computers,” said Harold Byrd, Bank of Bartlett president. “Our goal is superior customer service and that includes balancing technology with the personal service you should get from a community bank.”


Bank of Bartlett’s Mobile Banking is available on all types of mobile devices, including iPhones and Android phones, web-enabled smart phones and older cell phones through three different formats including a Bank of Bartlett Mobile Banking app. Customers can set-up their mobile banking feature by accessing their Bank of Bartlett online banking account.


Bank of Bartlett’s Mobile Banking service adds another dimension to the bank’s online and electronic banking platform that also features internet banking and the bank’s no-fee network of 368 Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) across Tennessee, including 60 Bank of Bartlett ATMs in Memphis-area Walgreens stores.