Local students in all west honor orchestra

hutcheson band pic

Hutchison Orchestra members LaKeisha Larry (Bolton High School), Betsy Bragg Minor (Hutchison School), Katherine Fleck (Hutchison School), Theo Wayt (Memphis University School) will perform in the All-West Tennessee Orchestra on February 1 at the Cannon Center. Not Pictured: Olivia Funderburg (Westminster Academy) and Hannah Lansky (Hutchison School).










The West Tennessee School Band and Orchestra Association (WTSBOA) has selected nine Hutchison Orchestra members to perform with the prestigious All-West Tennessee Orchestra in Memphis, Tennessee in February.


Monica Fleck, Charley Kate Barcroft, and Quinn Farr will perform with the Junior Strings at the All-West Tennessee Orchestra.  Quinn Farr was the only fifth grader in West Tennessee selected to perform with this group.  Theo Wayt (Memphis University School) and Olivia Funderburg (Westminster Academy) were selected to perform in the 9th Grade Ensemble.  Hannah Lansky, Katherine Fleck, LaKeisha Larry (Bolton High School), and Betsy Bragg Minor were selected to perform with the Senior High Orchestra.


Hutchison junior Betsy Bragg Minor also will perform with the top orchestra students from across the state in the All-State Orchestra in Chattanooga, Tennessee in April.  Her high scores at the All-West Tennessee auditions qualified her for the honor.


The All-West Tennessee Honors Orchestra will take place on Friday, February 1, at the Cannon Center for Performing Arts and is free to the public.  The orchestra was created by WTSBOA in 1939 to promote instrumental music through band and orchestra programs in West Tennessee schools.


The Hutchison Orchestra was founded in 2010 with 25 musicians from within the Hutchison Middle School.  In its second year, it grew to 35 students and the orchestra formed a partnership with neighboring schools such as Memphis University School, and Westminster Academy, who did not have existing string programsbut had string students enrolled.  Now in itsthird year, the Hutchison Orchestra has grown to accommodate 45 students within two separate ensembles, a Middle School String Orchestra and an Upper School Chamber Orchestra.  Its musical repertoire includes classical, jazz, pop, Broadway, and rock.