Local family lights up message for season

Describing it as Christmas calling, Jenny and Nathan Harmeier have created a synchronized tradition. Their ligh didplay, at 7302 Memphis Arlington Road includes visions of Santa Claus placing presents inside the building.

Synchronized display set to run through December 28

By Brian Bloom

Regional Manager

For lack of a better cliché, one could call it a labor of love. For Jenny and Nathan Harmeier, owners of Above and Beyond Electric, it is the Christmas spirit incarnate.

“We love Christmas,” Jenny Harmeier explains. “Especially my husband,” she continued. “I mean you should see his work van. It’s got these big lights across the front,” she laughs.

Located at the infamous five corners in Bartlett at 7302 Memphis Arlington Road, Christmas comes alive each December as Nathan and Uncle Tom Harmeier work their electronic magic.

“We got our inspiration from Yogi Bear in Nashville,” Jenny Harmeier says of the nationally known tourist attraction. “We love Christmas, and well, it’s so children can love this too.”

Nathan explains his lighting display, synchronized to music, accomplished a couple of goals.

“One of the reasons we decorate the shop for Christmas is it gives me and my uncle Tom some good times together. Both of our kids help us set up the lights as well,” Nathan said.

Nathan remembered last year the call he got from a Bartlett man telling him that the man and his wife sat in front of the shop for an hour enjoying the lights.

“We know that by decorating we are helping to create great memories for others,” Nathan said. “I love being able to brighten up someone’s day – or in this case – night.

The lighting display will continue each night until December 28 from 5- 10 p.m.