Traffic light study

Traffic along Hwy 64 (Stage Road) in Bartlett may soon move smoother as work is beginning to synchronize traffic signals.
“There has been a change in traffic patterns and, of course, the amount of traffic over the years,” City engineer Rick McClanahan said in a presentation to the Board of Aldermen Tuesday.
For the past several weeks individuals have been seen sitting at Stage Road intersections recording traffic counts. That information will assist the engineering department in recalculating lights to better reflect volume changes.
“It’s probably been about 10 years since we changed the light pattern,” McClanahan explained.
The goal is to make traffic flow in a more efficient manner.
According to McClanahan, the synchronization of the traffic signals may be different for different parts of the day.
“Patterns change from 8 a.m. rush hour to mid-afternoon traffic,” he said.
While most of the attention may be at Stage Road, other roads are also being looked at as they too are impacted by increased traffic.