Sweet Inspirations

Silverado Band
[Julie Ray] The Silverado Band plays country and rock-n-roll for a crowd at Faith Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Band members, from left, Johnny Julian, Paul Cecil, Linda Knight, Carol Ford and Loy Smith, along with drummer, Doug Cecil (not pictured) will make a return appearance on August 31 from 7 p.m. until 10 p.m.
In the 1980’s, Bartlett residents might have seen a ‘hair band’ called Thunder Road for Friday night entertainment.  Almost 35 years later, and perhaps a little thinner ‘hair band,’ Bartlett residents can get the same musical sensation via The Silverado Band featuring former members of Thunder Road and introducing the Sweet Inspirations.  Sweet Inspirations are the back up singers, Linda Knight and Carol Ford.

The country and rock-n-roll band is comprised of Bartlett residents, then and now.  They recently played at Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 3427 Appling Road.  Most bands charge a cover as payment.  This band pays the church to play as a benefit for church endeavors.  And through word of mouth, the line dancers filled the gymnasium in support for a small cover charge.  Now, the band is booked to play at the church again on August 31 from 7 p.m. until 10 p.m.

Brothers, Paul and Doug Cecil perform vocals.  Paul plays the Guitar and Doug plays the drums.  Loy Smith is brother to Sweet Inspiration Knight and is also a vocalist that plays the bass guitar.  Johnny Julian, also plays the guitar and sings vocals.

The band members use their talents to create fun and inspire.  Playing at the Signature Healthcare Nursing Home, 1150 Dovecrest Road, is great exercise for the more than 100 residents of the facility.  The band also plays at Casper Creek Health & Recreation Center in Millington that serves Bartlett and the surrounding area every other Saturday and the Bartlett Center on Fridays in January.

Dancing, laughter and exercise are a great draw for the band while they service the Bartlett Community.  A truly unique part of The Silverado Band’s performances is that they close every country and rock-n-roll show with an inspiring gospel song.  Sweet Inspirations indeed.