Dixie and Noodles rescued by students


Dixie and Noodles

[Julie Ray] From left, Stacey Scott, Caleb Shockey and Samantha Shockey assist with the first meeting of the two rescue dogs they are fostering for Buck and Friends Rescue Group. Dixie is a young Retriever/Lab mix and Noodles is an older Poodle.

For the second time this year a group of 4-H Forestry/Wildlife students took a field trip to Ghost River Wildlife Management Area and planted trees.  And for the second time, the group of 12-14 year old students rescued a dog.  The first rescue in February fueled a desire for the students to form an organization, called Buck and Friends, and create a fund dedicated to rescuing homeless animals in the Wildlife Area.

The ranger at the Ghost River Wildlife area told the group organizer that there are many dogs, of hunting breeds that are let go if they are not suitable for hunting by the owners.  The ranger indicated that it was quite a problem.

During the June field trip, the 4-H students rescued a female lab/retriever mix that they named Dixie.  Dixie has a bum right eye, which the students surmise could be the reason that she was abandoned.

The students have expanded their rescue efforts, quite by accident.  Laura, group spokesperson, says that a friend found an older male Poodle in a nearby neighborhood and turned the dog over to Buck and Friends rescue group.

“My friend found him and named him Noodles,” explains Laura.  “The options were give him to my rescue organization or the animal shelter.”

Dixie’s foster family, the Shockey’s, has now agreed to host Noodles and Dixie.  So that when Stacey Scott and son, Ethan Scott, rescued Noodles but could not foster, they brought Noodles to the caring hands of Samantha Shockey and her son, Caleb Shockey.

“We love Dixie,” said Caleb.  “If we could keep her, we would.”

Dixie seemed as if she wouldn’t mind that at all either as she was freely wheeling smiles at Caleb and receiving positive attention with a grateful spirit.

The two lucky dogs hit it off from the very beginning.  The group is seeking a home for the affable beasts and donations to continue their efforts.

To adopt or donate to the student’s rescue efforts, please contact Laura via email, karenlarry@bellsouth.net or by mail, 4327 Sunny Trail Cove, Bartlett, TN 38135.