Suburbs show up for early voting


The Arlington, Barlett, Collierville, Germantown, Lakeland and Millington turnout in the early vote for the August 2 election, according to the Shelby County Election Commission reports is, at a glace, doubled that of the city of Memphis.

Generally speaking, the number of Republican voters in the municipalities outnumbered the Democrats with a slightly higher turnout from women.

The unofficial report of election turnout statistics by race, sex and party show that some municipalities are more diverse than others.

The total votes including the city of Memphis are sitting at a 10.7 percent turnout rate for this election with 30.5 percent black vote, 40.2 percent white vote and 29.3 percent other vote.

Nearly 50 percent of the early vote is Republican and oddly enough 48.9 percent is Democratic. 2.2 percent have no party affiliation.

Women outnumber the male vote by over six percent. More than 58 percent of the vote is female and 41.8 percent is male.